adventures with my Audi A3 :)

Oct 1999

Nov 1999 - Major highway between Bathurst and Orange, Central NSW.  3 mobile phones all on different networks, none of which have any service at all and the grumpy old man in the only service station in town wont let me use the phone...  After much convincing and pointing to the oil puddle under my car I managed to change his mind...

And then there was the extra $4k worth of damage caused by the tow truck driver who towed it back to Sydney...

Feb 2000 - Happy snaps in the eastern suburbs

(yes that IS Sydney tower in the background :))

Feb 2000 - Stranded in peak traffic on the Gore Hill freeway when I put my foot on the clutch.  It went down with a clunk and didnít come back up.  More stupid tow truck drivers who seem to take pride in trying to rip the front off my car with their truck.

May 2000 - My car first saw snow!  No pictures unfortunately...

October 2000 - Sump number two punctured.  I was too lazy to walk 1km down a dirt road into a paintball skirmish place on the south coast and paid the price big time.  While the car was getting towed back up the hill I saw one front wheel of my car lift up into the air!  I was certain my car was going to fall off and roll down the side of the mountain.  To make matters worse the tow truck driver was, in no uncertain terms, stoned.  I was crapping myself let me tell you!

Feb 2001 - Entered my car in a show called ĎAdrenalin Metalí and managed, much to my surprise, to win an award!

May 2001 - Trip to Wollongong. I found out a few weeks later, that a guy actually took a photo of my car and posted it in bigpond.broadband.binaries commenting on this 'really nice audi' he had see in Wollongong that day.